Google Docs Invoice Template

Creating an invoice with Google Docs Invoice Template doesn’t need hours of work with an accountant or design to do it right. As a business owner, you could create an invoice within minutes, for free. With a free Google Docs Invoice template, you have the ability to create perfectly fitting invoices for your business with blank fields. You could also add photos, track costs, and have forms generated with just a few clicks of your mouse.

Google Docs Invoice Template
Google Docs Invoice Template

Invoices can be customized to include a variety of different information such as payments due date, due payments, names, addresses, phone numbers, dates, times, and even allergies! When you begin designing your invoice template, you will want to add as much relevant information as possible. Remember to keep it to the point and clear. Add any notes about the invoice if necessary. Many Google accounts allow you to enter a brief summary of the invoice so you don’t forget any of the details.


If you’re looking to create an invoice in Microsoft Word, Excel, or other text editors, then the process is the same as creating one in your favorite word processing program. However, most businesses will opt to use a Google Docs-style template in their office 365 software suite, especially if it’s a quick service that they plan on using quite frequently. Since most customers access the cloud via their mobile device, it’s even easier to email a document from the cloud and receive a response on the fly, as opposed to printing and sending a hard copy.

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Invoices are great ways to track billing expenses, so you should always have them available for clients and other staff members who need to see when you build them. Google Docs lets you quickly create an invoice template that has all of the relevant information already filled out. You can also save the document in PDF format, print it out, and then email it to your clients, your employees, or anyone else who needs a copy of it on another computer. The ability to send PDF invoices every time means you’ll never miss an upcoming bill from a client.


Creating a Google Docs invoice is super easy, and there are many templates available on the web. Choose a free invoice template that works well for your business, but customize it in any way that you see fit. Is your company brand new? Try a free Google Docs invoice template that features your logo and basic information about your business. Is your logo big and flashy? Customize it with smaller fonts and a professional layout.


Signing and printing your own Google Docs Invoice can be done by using any third-party software solution that you prefer. One example is Signeasy, which makes creating and printing a Google Docs invoice as easy as a snap. Not only will you be able to customize your template with your company’s logo, but it will also include the appropriate document types, such as receipts and invoices. You can even integrate your sign easy sign with your Google Docs page, which allows your clients to print out a hard copy of your custom invoice at a later time.

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Keep in mind that signing and printing Google Docs Invoice templates isn’t something that you should do on your own without assistance. In most cases, you will want to find a professional printing company to handle this process for you, as it does take time to complete this task. However, once you find someone, the time you spend will be well worth the investment. These templates not only make for an easier time filing your paperwork, but they will save you a significant amount of time as well.


Most business owners make the mistake of trying to get paid on time, because they let their invoices pile up. Unfortunately, this is the best way for a business owner to lose money. When bills start piling up, you can expect to see many people walking away from your business, because they have no idea when their next check will come in. An invoice template is the single easiest way to avoid this problem, allowing you to budget money for all your expenses, without worrying about when you are going to get paid.