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The degree of Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration offers students a variety of programs which include a core curriculum and the option to choose from elective courses which may be electives. The major activities, seminars, and experiences associated with this degree prepare students to be effective managers and leaders.

The Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration degree is usually offered as a two-year program but can be completed as a four-year program if the student is interested in completing an advanced degree. The program requires general education courses in business management, accounting, statistics, and information systems. This degree also provides the opportunity to earn a business degree through an online BBA.

The degree of Bachelor of Science in Business Administration has different programs available depending on the concentration a student is majoring in. Most business programs require a year of course work, including general business Administration, marketing, finance, business law, statistics, and business analysis. Students who wish to earn their Master of Business Administration degree will need to take general business courses, a foreign language, and an internship within the field in which they are seeking the degree. The degree programs offered through the business doctoral schools are designed to help students develop the skills, leadership abilities, and qualities necessary for success in business Administration.

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The most common areas of study in the business Administration doctoral program are marketing, finance, business Administration, statistics, and business ethics. Students in the program will also be able to choose elective courses in business Administration, human resources management, and business studies. Students who successfully completed a four-year degree will have a selection of work experience in place of their degree upon graduation.

The work experience can vary greatly, ranging from one year to two years. Some students have the option to enter the workforce immediately after graduating with their doctorate degree, while others opt to continue to pursue graduate degrees or work in the professional community for a number of years before applying for jobs in the business. Many organizations look for people with a master’s degree in business Administration so that they have qualified staff members.


What Is Business Administration?

What Is Business AdministrationBusiness administration is complete management of all facets of the overall performance of a business, decisions, structure, and organization. It involves the day-to-day activities, aspects of the business such as human resources, and finances, which ensure that the business stays aligned with the objective or mission. This program offers an overview of this complex field and an overview of what is involved in the BBA process, which is why many aspire to enroll in a program such as this. The curriculum offered at the University of Park University is accredited and may be considered when applying for a degree in business Administration from other accredited universities.

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What Is Business Administration? Students taking courses at the University of Park University can expect to have a broad base of knowledge in business Administration degree programs. This program consists of courses such as management, economics, law and accountancy, global management, marketing, government, organizational behavior, risk management, strategic management, and interpersonal communications. Students can complete coursework in business Administration degree programs at any time after their sophomore year of study.


What Is Business Administration? The degree program at the University of Park University is fully accredited and allows students to pursue a BBA in a business Administration degree program while working full-time or pursuing a job and family. The program utilizes online learning, hands-on learning through internships and clinical internships, and preparatory classes designed to prepare students for career-oriented employment or higher education.


What Jobs Can You Do In Business Administration?

What jobs can you do in business Administration? Many believe that business Administration majors are not just for graduates who want to run the corporate headquarters. Many students majoring in business Administration take an internship first before going to school to earn their business Administration degree. This internship might be at a small company, a state or federal agency, or even a nonprofit organization with an entrepreneurial program. Many of these non-profit organizations are looking for people who have a way with the public and are interested in helping them.

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The United States Department of State has a website where students can learn about their careers in business and travel. Students can also lookup specific career information or they can go online and search specifically for the career that they are hoping for. Most student programs offer scholarships and bursaries as well as work-study programs at local community colleges or technical schools. If a student cannot afford a school, they may be able to find internships and part-time work at local businesses with the help of their guidance counselor.


What jobs can you do in business Administration? There are so many, it’s impossible to name them all in one article. Many of the business administration programs at colleges and universities offer many hands-on programs where students can choose to learn directly with professors. Other programs have more classroom interaction but still allow the student to learn by doing and this is often preferred by students who don’t want to spend four years getting an MBA before starting out. These types of programs can be found at many community colleges, technical schools, and even four-year universities. Whatever the student’s goals are in terms of an administration career, there is likely a program available that will fit their needs.

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Where Do Business Professionals Work?

Business Administration majors are looking to expand their networks and increase their earning potential with an emphasis on financial services. With so many graduates every year going straight into the workforce, the doors of opportunity are wide open for business Administration majors.

Business Administration programs at Park University allow students to learn both the theory and practical aspects of this exciting and influential field. Graduates will have solid business administration skills to sink their teeth into and be successful. Graduates will be able to use these skills to succeed in the world of finance, marketing, technology, or any other industry.


Roles Beyond The Office

Smart factories and other advanced manufacturing facilities are using advanced capabilities of Information Technology to reduce costs, shorten cycle times, expand capacity, and improve efficiency. In the last decade, we have seen great improvement in IT as it has integrated multiple business functions and transformed how businesses operate. In recent years, as companies have begun to migrate their business to digital technology, we have seen a growth in courses that focus on strategic planning, business analytics, and more.


As colleges and universities develop courses that will prepare business managers for their new roles, we will soon find a shortage of workers with the knowledge of these skills, and a demand for workers with those skills specifically, including college and university administrators who can fill the smart factory gap.

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Future Prospects In Business Administration

If you are currently enrolled in an undergraduate business Administration degree program, you are aware of the wide range of future careers available to those with an MBA. The field of business Administration spans a broad spectrum from corporate executives overseeing the operations of a corporation to small business professionals who run their own businesses. For many business professionals, their career aspirations go far beyond business administration and include positions in government, nonprofit organizations, and even international ventures.

As a result, business Administration majors are often confronted with the prospect of not only completing their undergraduate degree but also pursuing advanced degrees or careers in their field of choice while working their way through their MBA program. For business professionals seeking these types of post-graduation opportunities, a career college like Florida Memorial University can be an excellent resource.


One of the first prospects in business Administration that most business majors look forward to is becoming a manager or business owner. With a business management degree, individuals can pursue positions in business management, finance, information systems, and marketing. Graduates of this program will have the skills to develop and implement strategic plans, as well as the interpersonal skills necessary for fostering growth and productivity within a company.

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Graduates will also have the education to understand human resources, and the ability to recruit, retain and motivate top business talent. A business management major will also have the ability to influence decision making, develop and implement financial strategies and create competitive marketing strategies that successfully compete in today’s business environment.


Another type of future prospect in business Administration that most business majors are excited about in the field of education administration. These graduates will have the opportunity to advance their education or pursue another profession related to their business administration degree. Possible fields of study include education administrators, educational consultants, education researchers, educational technology specialists, K-12 education directors, teachers and counselors, and school counselors and administration professionals. Many business Administration graduates choose to teach or work at K-12 schools. Graduates may also opt to work with businesses in business management, financial services, information technology, and other industries.


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