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About Mullinax Ford

The Mullinax Ford Group was created in 1970 by Ed Mullinax, who’s two sons, Larry and Jerry, continue to run the business with six Ford dealerships operating in various cities throughout Florida, Alabama and Washington. The business was created upon innovative ideas including Up Front® Pricing, building customer relationships, and a major focus on advertising. The Mullinax Group was once considered Ford’s largest retailer, and two of these dealerships are among the top 350 in sales volume nationwide.

Mullinax Ford Jobs

Apopka, FL 12 Jobs  >>Click Here<<

Olympia, WA 4 Jobs >>Click Here<<

Lake Park, FL 1 Job >>Click Here<<

Kissmimmee, FL 1 Job >>Click Here<<

Mobile, AL 6 Job >>Click Here<<

Ne Smyrna Beach, FL 2 Job >>Click Here<<

Clefmont, FL 1 Job >>Click Here<<

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